Installing QuestionMark Authoring Manager

Questionmark Perception 5 works best on a University desktop or laptop.

If you have a University desktop or laptop

To install Questionmark Perception 5 on your University computer click on Start > Control Panel > Programs and features

Start button Control panel Programs and features

On the left hand menu select ‘Install a program from the network’

Install a program from the network

Find ‘Questionmark Perception 5.#’ in the list, click on it, then press ‘Install’ near the top of the window.

Within 10 minutes there should be a ‘Questionmark’ folder in your start menu (try logging out and back in if it doesn’t appear).

Click on Start > All programs > Questionmark > Authoring Manager 5.# > Authoring Manager

Auhoring manager in start menu under a folder call Questionmark then Authoring manager 5.2

At the time of writing the Authoring Manager folder is called “Authoring Manager 5.2”, however the instructions are the same for all minor versions of Authoring Manager 5.

If you have a non-University computer or use AM outside of the University anywhere with an Internet connection

  1. Connect to the VPN (Help guide, Southampton password required)
  2. Depending on your OS
    1. Windows: Open “Remote Desktop Connection” from your start menu
    2. OSX: Download Microsoft Remote Desktop. Launch it once downloaded
  3. Connect to from within Remote Desktop
  4. Login with your University Username and password
  5. Start Authoring Manager from Start > Programs > Questionmark > Authoring Manager 5.# > Authoring Manager
If you do not see Authoring Manager on, raise a ticket to serviceline requesting “Please add me to the software group jfSWQMPerception_5.2_APPV”

If you wish to use Authoring Manager from a non-University computer without Internet access

These instructions are a last resort and are not as fully supported as the methods above

  1. Download the QM Perception program and any Service Pack Updates from and install the tool locally. You must have full admin rights on your PC for this to work properly:-
  2. Also from the software website click the [i] under ‘Info/Codes’. You will need this page in step 8
  3. Run the downloaded base installer program called ‘author_5.2.0.80_en.exe’
  4. When prompted for an installation password, enter ‘perception5’
  5. Say yes to everything, accept all defaults then click ‘install’
  6. When the Perception Authoring Manager Installation’s Licencing Wizard appears, obtain a temporary licence by entering for Email address:  ‘’ and for Organisation:  ‘University of Southampton’
  7. Install any Service Packs you downloaded
  8. Register the program permanently by loading Authoring Manager and click the ‘Register’ button: Click ‘Enter registration key manually’ and paste in the key from the Info/Codes page in step 2.
  9. If your Firewall pops up and says it is blocking the program by default , select the option to unblock it
  10. When prompted to ‘Select a repository’, click ‘Open existing repository (Shared)’
  11. Point Authoring Manager at the Shared Repositories by entering the following address when prompted:  tcp://
  12. Select a repository – Survey for low stakes quizzes, surveys etc. or Assessment for higher stakes tests