How to Add a Twitter Feed, Search, or Hash Tag to Blackboard

It is possible to embed a Twitter feed, search, or hash tag into a content item or announcement that you add to your Blackboard course. Note that this method may stop working if Twitter change the way their service works. Twitter is a third party web site and iSolutions cannot be held responsible for the content held on it. iSolutions does not support Twitter.  Users should read the Twitter terms and conditions.  Please also be aware that you should use a Mac or PC when following this guide as the widget settings for Twitter are not available on the mobile site.

Access Twitter

1. Having logged into Twitter, go to

2. Click on the Create New button.


3. Choose which type of Widget you would like to use.

Profile: Recent tweets by a twitter user.

Likes: The tweets that have been “liked” by a certain twitter user.

List: Tweets from a specific list of users.

Collection: A collection timeline displays multiple Tweets curated by a Twitter user in their chosen display order or sorted by time.

Search: tweets that match your desired search criteria. This is very useful for showing tweets with a certain hashtag or key phrase, e.g. #sotonuniwins

For further information about these review this page on the twitter website:

The rest of this guide will use the Search option, but each widget works in a similar way.



4. Start filling in the rest of the options:

Search Query: The term you wish to search for, e.g. a hashtag.

Only show top tweets: ticking this option will only show what Twitter believe to be the best matches.

Safe Search Mode: tick this to exclude sensitive and profane tweets.

Height: Set the height of the widget in pixels. The default should be fine.

Theme: You can choose between a light and dark theme

Link Colour: Choose the colour in which links appear. The default should be fine.

Opt-out of tailoring Twitter: tick this box if you wish to prevent twitter from suggesting tweets you may be interested in based on your usage of twitter.

5. Click on Save Changes.



6. Below the preview some code will appear.  Copy this to your computer clipboard.

Add Item

7. Now we will go to Blackboard

8. Identify where in your Blackboard course you would like to place the feed, add the item, announcement etc. Add the item desired.

9. Set a Name, and any relevant text in the text box.

Add Item

HTML Button

HTML Button

10. Click on the HTML button within the text box to open HTML mode. This will allow you to enter the HTML code required to embed the twitter feed.

Paste code into Blackboard

Paste code into Blackboard

11. Paste the text you copied into the clipboard from Twitter into the Blackboard text box. One way to do this is to right click within the text box and choose paste or press CTRL + V. Click on Update to finish.



12. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit button.


13. The twitter widget you have chosen will now be embedded.