Blackboard Resources for Staff

Blackboard is a web based resource that provides a platform for online learning and teaching.

If you are are new to Blackboard take a look at the Getting Started guide.  Training in Blackboard is also available both in person and online.

Use the menus along the top under the “Blackboard for Staff” heading to find help and guidance with using Blackboard.  If you have a query or technical question relating to Blackboard read the Support web page to find out how to contact us.

small_linkNew Features in Blackboard – Find out about the latest features and updates.

small_linkTop Tips for a Successful Start to the New Academic Year – a list of top tips to help you to have a successful start to the new academic year with Blackboard.

bb_mob_2aGet the Blackboard Mobile Learn App – Use Blackboard Mobile Learn to access Blackboard on your smartphone or tablet. 

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What’s new with Blackboard?

Find out about the latest new features and changes to Blackboard.

Blackboard Support

"Q`How to contact us with support enquiries.

Getting Started with Blackboard

l4MDhO2ayZLqQgOmfzS1hQJzAIw9SNEhSu9ysDc609MhjKT_usDNYARE0PCoktTgmg=w300 A quick start guide pointing out the resources to be looked at first.

Ten Top Tips for a Successful Start to the New Academic Year

Based on an analysis of tickets raised at the start of each year we have summarised a list of top tips that when followed will save you time and enable you to get on with working with Blackboard without having to raise tickets relating to common issues.

Your Blackboard Course

How to access your course, make it available to students, and set various properties of how the Blackboard course will work.  This includes changing menu and display options, the course entry point, and more.

Blackboard Training

Training in Blackboard is available to University staff both online and in person.

Adding Content To Your Blackboard Course

Find out how to add different types of content to your course, and about features that allow you to release that content to students only when they have met certain criteria, for example attaining a certain score in a quiz.

Communication Features in Blackboard

Guides covering communication features such as announcement, emails, groups, blogs etc.

Assessment with Blackboard

Find out about the different assessment related tools in Blackboard, such as Tests and Surveys, Peer Assessment, TurnItIn, Assignments, and how to access use the Grade Centre.

E–Submission with Blackboard

Guides covering the two main e-submission features, TurnItIn and Blackboard Assignment.

User Administration in Blackboard

In a perfect world you should never need to be concerned with user administration since all staff and students should automatically be given access to their courses.  Until we find ourselves in that perfect world these guides cover adding users to your course and changing their role.  There’s also a very handy batch enrol tool, and some other guides relating to user administration such as reporting, avatars, groups, and guest access.


“Blog” is short for Web Log, and is a term used to describe a journal or diary that is online. You may use blogs in your Blackboard course. Blackboard uses the terms “blogs” and “journals”. Blogs are shared within the course while journals are usually private between the instructor and student. These guides explain how to use and set up Blogs and Journals.


A wiki is a collection of web pages that allow users to add and edit content collectively. You may use wiki technology within your Blackboard course.


Podcasts are part of an exciting world of rich multimedia content that may supplement the materials you provide for your students.

Following our own experiences producing the Blackboard Briefing Podcast in the summer of 2006 we have created basic documentation for the creation, editing, and production of podcasts.

Blackboard Rollover

With the end of each academic year  comes the time to set up new Blackboard courses for the year ahead. New courses are required so that as the next academic year begins you will have a fresh Blackboard course with the same material (if you wish) but no students, thus allowing a new cohort to use the course, unaffected by previous students.  The guides you find here will take you through the process step by step.

Blackboard Service and Policies

The Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment is a service for the University of Southampton, maintained centrally by iSolutions.

Through the growth and success of the service a number of policies have evolved, with communication through an automatically populated mailing list, and an agreed at-risk period.