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Accessing Blackboard: Username / Password / Internet issues

Course Access Issues

  • When courses are created on Blackboard they are set to be unavailable to students.  This is so that the course instructor may prepare the course and then make it available when they are ready.

    If a course in your “My Courses” box shows “unavailable” beside it then the course has not yet been made available to students by the course instructor.

    If you are concerned about this please contact the course instructor.  Instructors can make their course available by following this simple 3 step guide:

  • There could be several explanations for this:

    1. When you look at the My Courses box, only courses which are “available” to students are accessible, courses which are “unavailable” are listed in black, with the word “unavailable” next to them. When courses are created on Blackboard they are set to be “unavailable” to students. This allows the course instructors to prepare the course and then make it “available” to students when they are ready for students to use the course. The most common reason that students cannot see a course is that the instructor has not set the course to be “available” to students. If no one else on your course is able see the Blackboard course either, then this is the most likely explanation. This can also explain why the list of courses shown in Blackboard does not match the list of courses shown in the SUSSED Portal. Information for instructors on how to make a Blackboard course available to students is on our web pages.
    • Blackboard synchronises information with the Banner Student Information System which holds your enrolment details every day. You should wait until the next day before expecting to see the course in Blackboard. The process may also be delayed because some Schools do not action enrolments queries immediately after requests are made to their School Office, for example changes of course or programme.
    • It is possible that the course is not active in Blackboard and therefore unavailable to students because the instructors have not set up a Blackboard course for that unit. You may check this yourself by clicking on the courses tab, under your Course List you will see courses which you are enrolled on but which are not available to your for this reason – they will have (unavailable) beside the course. There may be other web-based materials on a different system. The course instructor will be able to check this for you.
    • There may be an “arbitrary” course that covers the subject. There is no mechanism to automatically enrol students onto these courses and they require users to self-enrol onto the course using Blackboard. Instructions are available online. If this is the case your course instructor should have provided you with the required joining details.

    iSolutions can investigate any missing courses for you. Please email the ServiceLine, stating which specific course is missing from your list. It is very helpful if you can provide the course code for the course concerned.

  • General instructions on enroling onto a course in Blackboard are available in the Getting Started Guide for Students. You should be enrolled automatically in most of your courses but you may have to self-enrol on some courses. Note that to self enrol you will need to know the name of your course and possibly an access code to join it. Your tutor can provide you with these details.

  • There is no way that a student may remove themselves from a course, however if you send an email to, stating what has happened and which course is concerned, the Blackboard Administrator will then be able to remove you from the course.

  • It could be that the course menu has collapsed, watch the animation on this page to find out how to get it back.

    Collapsing and expanding the Blackboard window

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