Getting Started with Blackboard for Students

digiblackAccess Blackboard

You may log into Blackboard by going to

You can also access Blackboard via Sussed and you may also find links to Blackboard on your faculty intranet or elsewhere.  If all else fails you can Google “Southampton Blackboard”.



appicns_chromeUse a supported browser and operating system

Most modern browsers and operating systems are supported for use with Blackboard.  We keep a list of the officially supported browsers on our website.

Other browsers and operating systems not on the list will usually work ok with Blackboard, but if you have experienced a browser related issue we would ask you to try an officially supported browser instead.

In our experience Chrome and Firefox give the best experience when using Blackboard.

Enable “terms” to keep your course list tidy

The ‘My Courses’ box is where you will find your Blackboard courses listed.  This list can quickly grow as you progress through your time at the University.  Enabling the “terms” feature will organise your modules by academic year, and should make finding your resources faster and easier.

avatarUpload your avatar

Upload your avatar / profile picture to Blackboard.  It will appear beside your discussion board posts, blog posts, wiki pages, and in other areas of Blackboard.

bbsutdnetDownload the Blackboard app

The best way to use Blackboard is through a supported web browser.  This gives you access to the full suite of tools and features within Blackboard.  However, a mobile app is also available which provides a handy and easy way to check your courses from your mobile device.  You’ll find that a subset of features are supported by the app, and you may find it useful for quickly checking course materials on your phone whilst enjoying the free wifi on uni-link buses.


Make sure to install the MySouthampton app too!

image159Familiarise yourself with the text editor

Whenever you type something into Blackboard you will usually have a set of icons available which allow you to set formatting options and embed pictures, animated gifs, videos, youtube clips, and more. 

Our web page explains what all the icons mean and also provides some keyboard shortcuts for power users.

dlLearn how to download materials from Blackboard

You may find it useful to download certain materials such as handouts and presentations so that you can view them easily on your laptop or mobile device without needing to be online.  If your course tutor has made lecture recordings available, you can download them as mp4 files for viewing offline.  This is very handy if you are in locations with poor internet access, or just want to save battery by keeping your wifi turned off.

guideCheck out the “how to guides”

We have a number of straightforward step by step guides that will show you how to perform any tasks expected of you within your Blackboard course such as submitting an assignment, writing a blog/journal entry, taking part in group work, writing a wiki page, gaining an achievement, and more.

p-honKnow how to obtain support

From time to time you may have a query about Blackboard.  Our page linked above will tell you how to contact us and what information you should provide in order to help us to help you as quickly as possible.  We also have a list of frequently asked questions where you may find your answer without needing to contact us.

bobFind out about other useful services

There are lots of other useful services to get to know:

Bob National: (also known as Learning On Screen) on demand TV and radio service.  Like iplayer but with 60+ channels.

Office 365 and OneDrive: get Microsoft office for free and 1TB of online storage.

MySouthampton mobile app: the University of Southampton’s official app giving you access to map services, emails, timetables and more.

Southampton Virtual Environment:  access to a University Windows desktop from any device in any location, whether that’s at home, on campus, or on the move.  You will also have access to all of your files, plus the most popular applications.

Eduroam: University wifi that, once set up, will also allow you to use wifi at more than 6,000 eduroam hotspots.  These are available at universities, research centres, academies, many schools, and other research and education institutions in more than 70 territories around the world.

Lynda: is an online library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts.