QuestionMark Perception Upgrade to v5.7

We are in the process of upgrading the University’s QuestionMark Perception service. We will do this by creating a new system which will run in parallel with the existing v5.2 legacy system until the migration is complete.

We are emailing existing authoring account holders to ask if they wish to use the updated system. When we hear back from authors confirming their wish to use the updated system we will create new accounts for them with the same username, but we may be obliged to create new passwords.   Authoring accounts on the updated system (version 5.7) will be made available when the system is ready for use, at which point new assessments will be published and delivered on the new system.

We anticipate that the updated system will become available in time for the start of Semester 1 this year, in other words by the end of September 2016.

Follow the link below for a summary of the enhanced features provided in QuestionMark Perception V5.7

Whats new in v5.7?