Meetoo guide for tutors

Meetoo provide excellent video tutorials and lots of online guides and FAQs.

If you’re pushed for time, I recommend the Getting Started, Live Polling with Meetoo and How to Display Responses. You may want to turn Messaging OFF the first time you use it – and you can always try using it once you’ve gained some experience and confidence with the basic polling.

Meetoo run regular 20-30 minute webinars – weekly ‘jumpstarter’ events for new users and monthly ‘case study’ events by experienced users. You can view all these webinars on Meetoo’s YouTube channel.

Local guidance

Using Meetoo in a Web browser  – one-page PDF guide

Using Meetoo Messages – one-page PDF guide

Top Tips

One key piece of advice is to always connect to Meetoo using a wired connection when teaching (i.e. do not use Eduroam). This is because the Wi-Fi can become unreliable if too many devices in the room are trying to connect, and these days lots of students have two devices each, typically a phone and laptop.

You can extend your PC’s display in CLS rooms so that you can view the Meetoo dashboard on your main screen while your PowerPoint slides or the Meetoo Projector are shown to your students on the extended screen.