OneDrive for Business

onedrive-logo-blue-bg_0OneDrive for Business is an online file storage facility provided through Microsoft that allows you to store, organise and share files. It is separate to a personal OneDrive account and it can be accessed at the University or at home.

Your OneDrive can be accessed from You should then be redirected to the University logon page where you enter your normal username and password.

All students and staff will have a around 5TB of OneDrive for Business storage as part of their University Office 365 account.

Please note; Microsoft vary the maximum storage size.

You can use this service to safely upload store and synchronise files from any of your devices, that then allows you to share files securely with other people. With the Office Online applications, Office based files allow you to seamlessly continue working on them on other devices without having to upload them again.

Although that Microsoft became the first major cloud provider to adopt the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy, ISO 27018. If you have any concerns that data to be stored is sensitive or business critical it may be better to store your data on University Filestore.

Also please note that data is more easily recovered from University Filestore in the case of data corruption than the Microsoft OneDrive service.

Additional information and frequently asked questions

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