Panopto Cameras

The following rooms have cameras installed in the ceilings. They fall into four categories

  1. Is high definition and has a zoom
  2. Is standard definition and has a zoom
  3. Is high definition but does not have a zoom
  4. Other

High definition with a zoom is normally in rooms that have large whiteboards and are used heavily for maths / engineering / physics lectures. Standard definition with a zoom are normally in rooms where the camera needs to be positioned at the back of the room, but isn’t in a room where whiteboards are used as heavily. High definition cameras without a zoom are in smaller rooms and point at the presenter rather than the board.

Remember that cameras pointed at whiteboards are best recorded as a secondary source. See the help pages for capturing visualizers, whiteboards and blackboards.

You can find out what camera is in which room from the information below. We are also updating the timetabling information so you can request a room with a camera or a “recordable whiteboard” / “recordable blackboard”.

High definition with zoom Standard definition with zoom High definition without zoom Other
02/1039 02a/2065 04/4003 65a/3043 (SD, no zoom)
02/1085 02a/2077 07/3009 [Note2]
02/1089 06/1077 35/1001
05/2015 27/2001 35/1005
07/3027 27/2003 44/1041
07/3031 58/1067 44/1057
46/2003 63/2001 45/0013
46/2005 65/1175 45/0045
46/3001 65/1201 45/2039
54/4011 67/1007 45/2040
54/7033 68/104/20 58/1009
54/7035 58/1023
54/8031 58/1025
54/8033 59/1257
54/10031 63/2095
54/10037 63/3007
68/LabM (not yet active) 63/3023
68/Biology (not yet active) 65/1177 (room refurbishment)
175/1025 65/2117
SGH/LT1 67/1027 [Note 1]
85/2207 (not yet active)

Note 1: 67/1027 is a High Definition camera, however to ensure the audience is not visible the image is cropped and performs as an Standard Definition camera.

Note 2: This camera doesn’t have a zoom, but can point at a whiteboard. It is not marked in the timetabling system as a recordable whiteboard, but the option is available to staff that wish to use it.