Panopto – Creating a recording

Written instructions

Follow each step to record a Panopto presentation using our online guide

Step 1: Installing

How to install Panopto on your own University computer

Step 2: Logging in

How to launch and log into Panopto

Step 3: Microphones and webcams

How to check your primary sources including audio through a microphone or video through a webcam.

Step 4: Capturing screens and PowerPoints

Learn how Panopto captures what happens on your screen and reads your PowerPoint.

Step 5: Capturing visualisers, whiteboards and blackboards

Panopto can capture more than the computer. Record whiteboards and other devices in a lecture theatre.

Step 6: Telling Panopto which Blackboard course to record into

The Panopto process is automated. You need to follow these steps to ensure your recording processes into the right Blackboard course.

Step 7: Recording and Pausing

Once you’ve done the setting up it’s time to record.

Step 8: Uploading and logging out

Get your recording onto our servers and into your Blackboard course.

Step 9: Stopping students seeing a recording you have just made

If something happens that you don’t want to be published you should make the session unavailable before leaving the lecture theatre.

Video instructions

Pick a piece of equipment in your room and we’ll help you choose the right help video for it.

Each video goes through the full Panopto process, so you will probably only need to watch one.

Printable instructions

Download a PDF guide to print and keep

Download Guide

Download a PDF guide for creating a recording in Panopto. It contains all the steps from our online guide in one printable document.

Mac Recorder Instructions

Mac Recorder

The instructions on the left show you how to use the Windows version of the Panopto recorder. For OSX specific instructions, click here.