Panopto editing – Understanding “Save As”

Panopto uses non-destructive editing (a type of editing that never deletes your original video), therefore the Save As function should not be used to “back up” your original file. Its primary use is to create a different version of your video with different permissions.

To better explain whether to use Save As, please choose the scenario below that best fits your circumstances.


  • In this case you should not use Save As. If you save your video using the “Save” button you will be able to re-edit it at any point in the future.

    None of your original video will be deleted.

  • If both videos are exactly the same you do not need to use Save As. Instead you can store the video in your Blackboard “Recorded Sessions” folder and also make the video public. This will allow you to share the link with students or the public who are not on your Blackboard course

  • In this instance it is correct to use Save As to make the different video clips.

    The original session (called “default”) should be edited to be your first clip then use “Save As” to make your other clips. If you don’t edit the default session there will also be an unedited version in the Blackboard course.

    You cannot delete the “default” edit, therefore you cannot create 2 versions and remove the original