Panopto Settings

How do I rename a session

If you’ve kept the default name in the Panopto recorder you may have a number of sessions that look like “04 January 2020 at 11:03:00”. This page explains how to rename the session.

How do I stop recordings automatically releasing?

Panopto has a publisher role that allows you to approve or reject every recordings made into a folder. These step by step instructions show you how.

Can I allow students to download videos?

Downloading is generally disabled, but easy to enable if you have students with poor internet connections.

I recorded into the wrong folder, how do I move it?

If you have accidentally made a recording to the wrong folder or wish to move a recording out of your practice folder, follow these instructions

How do I move sessions into another course?

To move multiple videos into another course or Panopto folder, follow these instructions.

How do I copy session(s) into another course?

This guide shows you how to copy one or multiple sessions from one course to another using the Panopto administration website.