Student video assignments

This page explains how to create a folder in Panopto for students to record presentations into. The student will need to log into Panopto to record the sessions. Sessions can be recorded as many times as necessary and can be edited.

For instructions on how to have a folder where the instructor will need to log into Panopto to record the sessions and sessions can be recorded only once, please see this support page: Recording student presentations.

Example scenario

For an assessment, students are required to give a group or individual presentation. There are too many students to record during teaching time, so you ask students to record a Panopto video before a deadline. You create a Panopto folder that allows all students on your associated Blackboard course to record or upload a video. Students use their computer or phone to record the presentation and upload it to Panopto. The student watches back their presentation and can choose to edit it or delete it and record again. When the deadline occurs, the tutor moves the recordings out of the student folders to ensure that students can no longer change their videos.

This scenario is preferred for

  • When finding rooms would be difficult for a large class size
  • Presentations filmed out on location
  • Classes where it is felt that an academic presence would hinder the students’ performance
  • Presentations that may require editing

How to set up the above scenario

Note that students will be able to create recordings as soon as these instructions are followed. These instructions should be followed just before the assessment is opened.

Please note: A provisioned Blackboard course is required to follow this guide.

  • Open the Panopto administration website
  • If you don’t see a menu down the left-hand side, click on “Show all sessions”
  • The main Panopto administration website should now be visible. Make sure the folders drop down box says “My Folders”

    Panopto homepage. My Folders is highlighted. PT Training is the only folder available. The main page says all sessions and shows a number of Panopto recordings to view

    The Panopto administration website. Click to enlarge

  • Select the Blackboard course that you wish to upload the video into
    BIOL1001-10362-15-16 folder within a BIOL1001 folder within a BIOL folder
  • In the top right-hand corner click on the settings cog
    A cog is highlighted in a row of icons. People, bar chart, cog. rss icon
  • On the page that appears click “Create assignment folder”
    Assignment folder. Blue link that says Create Assignment Folder

This will create a new subfolder called “Your Course Name [Assignments]” that your students can record into.

Note that students will be able to edit or delete their work in this folder. They can record into it using either the Panopto Recorder for Windows or by uploading a video file.

At the assignment deadline

It is important that instructors move the video files out of the assignments folder. Otherwise it will continue to be possible to delete or edit recordings after the deadline.

  • The advantages of using Panopto tend to be

    1. Students need no video editing or production knowledge to create the video if they wish to use the Panopto Recorder on their laptop
    2. Videos can be edited or trimmed without any extra software
    3. If the video is successfully uploaded to Panopto you can be assured that there are no codec problems that would stop the tutor from viewing it
    4. Students can confirm how the video will look to the tutor
    5. Panopto is configured for uploading large video files, when eassignments normally takes documents

    Eassignments can be configured for “Blank submission” (this is similar to how you would mark a music recital or artwork) to manage the marks and feedback.