How do I upload a video on my computer to Panopto / Blackboard

If you wish to rollover your content each year then you should upload the video on the Panopto website. Videos uploaded into a specific Blackboard course will only be viewable by students on that year’s course.
  • Click on the “Create” button
    Panopto admin homepage. Top has search and crate button. Create button is highlighted
If your Blackboard doesn’t look like the picture above, click here
  • From the list that appears, select “Upload video”
    From the create button a menu appeared. Upload video is highlighted


  • Drag a video or audio file into the dotted area
    Left is an explorer window. Right is a window saying drag content here. A file is being dragged from the left window to the right window


  • Click within the dotted area with the words “Drag video or audio files here”
    A box saying drag video or audio file here is highlighted
  • From the window that appears navigate to the video file
  • Select the video file and press “Open”
    A file open box. A file is selected. The open button is highlighted

Your video will now upload. Depending on the length of the media file, it may take a few minutes to a few hours for the video to process. You may also edit the name of the media file while it is uploading.

Important note: You must not close the window until the page says “It is safe to close this window”

Finished uploading to Panopto 8. It is safe to close this window