How do I install Skype for Business on my Windows Phone?

Note: app requires Windows 8.1 or higher

It can be downloaded from the Windows app store

Step 1:

After downloading and installing the app. Enter your sign-in address (for example, and your normal password, and then tap Done d1da63a5-192c-4206-8139-83975c0ed2a4.

Step 3:

On the Never Miss Your Work Calls screen, enter your mobile number with country and region codes. When Skype for Business can’t use a Wi-Fi or cellular data network to make an audio or video call, you’ll be automatically called at this number and connected to the audio portion of the call.


Step 4:

Tap Next 9fb9870a-089f-4d27-a2fd-93b9fe50195b and review the notification and phonebook access settings:


  • Push notifications    Get an alert when you receive a new IM or call. Normally On (recommended).
    • Important   If you turn this setting off, you won’t be notified of IMs, calls, or other Skype for Business alerts unless the app is active.
  • Allow phonebook access Search for contacts on your mobile phone when you search for contacts in Skype for Business.

Step 5:

Tap Next 9fb9870a-089f-4d27-a2fd-93b9fe50195b to start using Skype for Business.

Sign out of Skype for Business

On the main Skype for Business screen, tap More 44ef7af6-2d6f-4a8f-8f14-b797d46f09fe > Sign out.