Meetoo and PowerPoint in CLS rooms

The Meetoo add-in for PowerPoint is now available in all CLS rooms, but you may have to install it yourself. This should be a one-off process, and once installed it is available to all users of that room – but if iSolutions update that CLS PC then you may have to re-install the add-in.

  • You can also install the Meetoo add-in on your office PC or laptop in exactly the same way.
  • If you don’t have Additional Software you can download the add-in from Meetoo.
  • If you have an Apple Mac, you can only use the web version of Meetoo.  The Presentation View is recommended.

Installing the add-in takes about one minute:

  1. Double-click the Additional Software icon on the desktop
  2. Search Additional Software for Meetoo
  3. Click Install and click Yes to confirm
  4. Wait until installation is Complete – this takes around 30 seconds
  5. Start PowerPoint and open your presentation*.

* If you don’t see the Meetoo tab in your PowerPoint control ribbon after installing the add-in, close PowerPoint and open the Meetoo shortcut on your desktop (or start menu).  This should open PowerPoint with the Meetoo add-in.

Connecting to your Meetoo account

  1. View the Meetoo control ribbon in PowerPoint
  2. Click the Dashboard button
  3. Click the Disconnected button on the Meetoo control ribbon
  4. Enter your Meetoo username and password and Login
  5. Select the Meeting ID and click Connect
  6. If your meeting is not already started, you will be asked if you wish to start it when you begin your presentation:

Dialogue showing option to Start meeting, simulate polling or disable polling

You can also access your Dashboard via the button on the Meetoo ribbon.  If you are using messaging, this will allow you to easily view messages posted by your students. You can turn messaging off if you don’t wish to use it during a meeting.

Presenter View

You may see the following message when you run your PowerPoint slide show.  Click ‘Yes’ to turn off presenter view:

Turn off presenter view prompt


Switching quickly between PowerPoint and the Meetoo dashboard

The Meetoo PowerPoint add-in is supports multiple-choice,  multiple-response, rating and word cloud questions, but if you want to use free-text questions or messages you will need to use the Meetoo dashboard and/or projector display in your web browser.

If you are presenting your PowerPoint slides full-screen and need to switch quickly to the Meetoo dashboard:

  1. Hold down the ALT key;
  2. Tap the TAB key repeatedly until the Meetoo dashboard is selected in the list of applications;
  3. Release the keys and the Meetoo dashboard (in your web browser) will become the active window;
  4. Switching back to PowerPoint is easy – just hold ALT and tap TAB once to return to the previous application;
  5. And from now on, just a quick ALT-TAB switches you from one back to the other.

It takes a little practice to master, and there is an alternative; to extend the PCs display so that you have two screens: one facing you and one projected for the students to see. Find out how to extend your display.

Hiding answers to polls in PowerPoint

There is a button on the Meetoo tab called ‘Display options’.  Remove the tick from the ‘Show Results’ box to hide results from the student’s view. In order to view these results, you would need to log in to the Meetoo dashboard on a separate device.


Support for the Meetoo PowerPoint add-in

Meetoo provide online support videos and information.

If you used the Turning Point add-in for PowerPoint with clickers (zappers) the Convert to Poll option on the Meetoo ribbon offers a simple way to update existing slides so they use the Meetoo PowerPoint add-in.