Vevox (formerly known as Meetoo)

Vevox logo.Vevox (formerly known as Meetoo) is a cloud-based student response system that enables students to vote using a web browser or the Vevox app on their own mobile device. The tutor may also enable Vevox messages so that everyone can post and view questions and comments.

Questions, answer options and results can be presented through a web browser by the tutor. Alternatively, they can embed questions in their PowerPoint presentations using the free Vevox add-in.

Vevox for students

You do not need to create an account to use Vevox:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the 9-digit Meeting ID
  3. Click Join

Voting is normally anonymous, but your tutor may require you to create a profile (your name and surname) as you join the meeting.

A Vevox app is available for Apple and Android devices, and you can also access Vevox via your MySouthampton app.

Vevox for tutors

First, you must visit the sign-up page to request a tutor account

  • Use the University email address you will use to sign in to Vevox, for example, or
  • NHS tutors without a university email can use their NHS email.
  • Note that you cannot use a personal email address such as
  • After your request has been approved by Digital Learning, you will receive an email invitation from
  • Click the link it contains and create your profile and password.

Sign in to your Vevox dashboard at: (select Vevox institutional plan)

Students’ guide to Vevox

Advice and information about using Vevox in class.

Tutors’ guide to Vevox

How to create and run polls and meetings.

Vevox and in-class surveys

Students can answer survey questions in their own time, which makes them a great option for mid-module and end-of-module evaluation surveys. Help from Vevox includes detailed instructions.

This 5-minute video shows how to create a mid-module survey and includes suggestions for the questions you might ask and some practical advice about running the survey and feeding back the results. Learn more about the benefits of mid-module evaluation.

The Vevox add-in for PowerPoint

The Vevox PowerPoint for Windows add-in enables you to create and run fully integrated polling slides using PowerPoint. It is available on all CLS PCs – click on the Vevox icon on the desktop to launch PowerPoint with the Vevox add-in. 

It can also be downloaded to UDE office PCs via the Additional Software icon on the desktop. Installation takes about a minute.

Downloads for non-UDE Windows PCs are available from Vevox.

Vevox have a useful introductory video explaining the PowerPoint add-in.

Help and support

Vevox provide some excellent video tutorials and lots of online guides and FAQs.

They also run weekly ‘getting started’ training webinars and regular education webinars.

If you need technical help, please contact ServiceLine and make sure “Vevox” is in the ‘short description’.

If you’d like to discuss the educational use of Vevox, please contact Digital Learning.