Preparing for short duration online assessment – student guide

This guide is to support you if you are doing online assessments at the end of Semester 1.

Recommended Software

Web Browser

Chrome Browser is recommended. Edge and Firefox are also supported but we do not recommend Safari.

Word processing and file storage

We recommend using your Office 365 account for any document creation and storage. You can work on or offline with Office 365 and your work will be automatically saved to your OneDrive.

For more information on using Office 365 apps, please refer to the Office 365 Support Centre

Creating a PDF from scanned, handwritten answers

If you are submitting handwritten answers, you will need to scan them and save as a PDF in order to submit online. You can do this using a mobile phone or tablet and the Office Lens app.  Full instructions can be found in this guide: Student guide to submitting scanned handwritten assessments online.

Guides for submitting online

The application that is used for your assessment will depend on the type of assessment you have been set. Information on how to submit your work should be included on your Blackboard course, ahead of your assessment. If you are not sure which type of submission you will be using, or you have other questions, please contact your lecturer.

Turnitin Assignments

Used to submit long essays as well as short typed, up answers. Answers are checked for plagiarism.

Blackboard Tests

Used for online tests, often multiple-choice and defined response type questions.

Blackboard Assignments

Used to submit handwritten answers.

Checking your submission receipt

It is very important that you receive a submission receipt.  Confirmation of final submission will display on your screen after successful submission and you will be sent an email.

If you do not see a submission receipt, your submission was not successful and you will need to try again. If you have any issues with submission, please contact your School Office as soon as possible.

Further help and support

If you have academic questions about the content or style of your assessment, please contact your module lecturer in advance. We will not be able to answer questions about content or style during the period when the assessment is open.

If you have technical difficulties during the assessment please contact your School Office.