2017 Upgrade – Known Issues

In the table below we list known issues related to the 2016 upgrade to Blackboard.

Issue Summary
Clearing browser cache often required after upgrades.  If you find that you cannot see your courses or you encounter unusual behaviour, clearing the web browser cache will usually resolve the issue.  See http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser’s-Cache
Calculated Formula Question Marked Incorrect Despite Matching the Correct Answer Calculated formula question marked incorrect despite matching the correct answer. This is an issue with the Calculated Formula grader when grading exponential numbers. Effectively when a User uses a higher or lower notation than the expected answer it will fail, although it is mathematically equivalent.
Within the text editor, clicking on the paste icon or right clicking and choosing paste does not work in Chrome or Firefox  Use the keyboard shortcut of CTRL+V (PC) or CMD+V (Mac).
Group member email addresses mis-aligned / not displayed when viewing Group Properties. When viewing ‘group properties’ for groups in your Blackboard course, the email addresses of group members may appear out of alignment relative to the name of the group member.  In some cases, the email address is not shown at all.