Achievements, Badges, and Certificates in Blackboard

A BadgeInstructors can reward students on their Blackboard courses with achievements in the form of badges and certificates. These can be set up so that students receive the badge or certificate when they have fulfilled certain criteria that the instructor has set, for example achieving a certain level in a test, completing certain course activities, and participating in group work.

In non-academic uses of Blackboard badges and achievements can be used to demonstrate extra-curricular activities.




Creating an achievements menu in your Blackboard course

If you plan to use badges and achievements it’s a good idea to have a special menu item that will allow students to see all the badges and achievements they could possibly earn within your course.

Rewarding students with badges, certificates, and achievements

This guide demonstrates how to create achievements with badges and certificates for your Blackboard course.

Student Guide to Blackboard achievements

Badges, Certificates and Achievements in BlackboardThis guide for students covers receiving a reward and putting it into their Open Backpack.