How to add a user to your Blackboard course manually

Staff and students are automatically added to modules populated by Banner.  With non-Banner, “Arbitrary courses” there is no automatic population so you may wish to add another user to your course. This could be a student or a colleague. When you add a user you can decide which role they should have on your course.  You can change their role later on too if you wish.

Access the Control Panel

1. From your course Control Panel, expand Users and Groups and click on Users..

Find User to Enrol

2.  You will be presented with a list of users on your course.

To add a new user-  click on Find Users to Enrol.

Click on Browse

3. If you know the University username of the person you wish to add you can enter it directly into the Username box and then click on Submit, without needing to click on ‘Browse’.  Note that when entering a username you do not need to include

If you do not know the username of the user you wish to add then you should leave the box blank and instead click on Browse, which will allow you to search for a user.

Last Name

4. You may search by Username, First Name, Last Name, or University Email Address.  Usually you will want to select Last Name.

Enter Last Name

5. Enter the Last Name of the person you wish to find and click on Go.

6. Note that users who are already on your course will not appear in the returned results. Only users who are not already on your course will be shown.


7. Place a tick beside the users you wish to add and click on Submit.

Select Role

8. The username of the person you selected will appear in the box. You can add more people by clicking on browse again and repeating the above process.

9. Select the role that the user should have on your course by using the Role dropdown menu.

Select Role


10. Enrolment Availability should be left at Yes. If you select No then the user will be enrolled on the course but unable to access it.

11. Click on Submit to finish.