Making your Arbitrary Course Available to Students

When a course is created it is unavailable to students. This allows the instructor to make the course available to students only when the course is ready.  You can tell at a glance if your course is available to students, in the My Courses box if a course is not available to students the word unavailable will appear next to it.

When you are ready to make your arbitrary course available to students you first need to set the enrolment options. You may wish to secure your course with a password. This password can then be given to the students who need it.

If you do not wish students to self enrol you could add each of the students manually to your course.

If you wish to make your Banner course available through self-enrolment this is also possible.

An online guide is available for students, detailing how to enrol manually onto a course.

Access the Control Panel

1. Identify the course you wish to make available.

2. From the Control Panel, expand the Customisation menu and click on Enrolment Options.

Self Enrolment

3. Select Self Enrolment.

4. If you wish you may set an Access Code to prevent people who should not access the course from doing so. Students will be asked to enter this code when they enrol themselves onto this Blackboard course. Note that the access code is case sensitive. If you set an access code you will need to tell your students what it is.  In the example above we have simply used the word ‘password’.  It is recommended that you use a stronger access code than this.


5. click on Submit.

Now that we have set the enrolment options we will make the course available.


6. From the Control Panel, expand the Customisation menu and click on Properties.

Course Availability

7. Scroll down to section 2.

8. Set Make Course Available to Yes.

Click on Submit

12. Click on Submit to finish.  Your course is now available.  Inform your students of the access code they will need to use to enrol onto your course, and the name and code of your course so that they may find it in the Course Catalog.