Course contacts

Instructors’ profile information will now appear automatically in the Course Contacts area of a course.

Who appears on the Course Contacts list?

Anyone listed as an Instructor on a module in Banner will appear in Course Contacts.

*There are often Instructors listed in Course Users who have been manually added to the course in Blackboard. Only Instructors who are added to the course via their Banner enrolment on the module, will appear in the Course Contacts list.

Where does the profile information come from and how do I edit it?

You can edit each entry on the Course Contacts page, but these changes will be overwritten when the Contacts list is refreshed. We advise that you make changes to your central profile information in Subscribe Self-service.

To edit your own profile information follow this link to Subscribe Self-service.

  • In Subscribe, follow the link to sign in to manage your existing account.
  • The following fields will appear in Course Contacts
    • Your Personal Details:
    • Preferred name
    • Contact details
    • Post-nominal letters
    • Your profile details:
    • Biography
    • Home Page URL
    • Your University email:
    • primary email address

An update here will be seen throughout your Blackboard courses once you refresh the Course Contacts list in each course.

How do I add or remove an instructor from the Course Contacts list?

Add an instructor

If the instructor was added to the module in Banner after the Course Contacts list was created, you will need to refresh the list to see the latest Banner updates appear in the contacts list.

If an instructor does not appear in the list then they need to be added to the module in Banner. Contact the faculty office, or fill out this form to be added to the module.

Remove an instructor

either – Remove an instructor from the course

If an instructor who is no longer associated with teaching this course appears in Course Contacts, their enrolment can be removed in Banner and the contacts list refreshed. Contact the Facutly Office or fill out this from to be removed from a module

or – Edit the Contacts list

If you want to hide an instructor from the contacts list, then edit their entry.

    • Select the grey arrow to the right of the contact name.
    • Select Make Unavailable to hide the contact from students.
    • These changes will need to be repeated if the Contacts list is refreshed.

Refresh the Course Contacts list

The Course Contacts list will refresh automatically each semester.

  • Use the Refresh List button on an individual course if you want to see recent updates to instructor profile information or newly enrolled instructors.
    NOTE: Refreshing the list will overwrite previous edits. 

How do I use the profile I had created in Staff Information last year?

The old Staff Information has been removed from the course menu. If you would like to retrieve the contact information you created last year, you can. Follow the instructions below for adding your own Contacts page to the course menu. Any contacts that were added to your course last year will re-appear.

How do I create my own Staff Information page instead of the automatic Course Contacts?

You may prefer to add your own Contacts area to your course. Perhaps you want to customise the information for this particular module.