Course Files

Blackboard Course Files“Course Files” is an area of your Blackboard course in which you can see the files that you have uploaded to your course. Course Files can be useful in general for keeping an overview of the files within your Blackboard course and in particular for certain specific tasks.

Below is a general overview of the what can be done with Course Files, and two guides on specific use cases.

small icon iconCourse Files Overview

This web page will guide you through the Course Files interface and what the various buttons and boxes mean and what they can do.

small icon iconBatch uploading files to Blackboard and adding them to content areas en masse

This guide explains how you can use “Course Files” to upload more than one file at a time to your Blackboard course.

small icon icon

Uploading “Zipped” websites or Learning Objects to Blackboard

Use this guide to find out how to create a Blackboard group into students can enrol themselves.