Editing the Post Date in Turnitin

Official Turnitin LogoThe Post Date in Turnitin dictates the date and time at which GradeMarked papers (marks and comments made using GradeMark) are released to students and pushed to the Blackboard Grade Centre. Typically you might set this post date to be 4 weeks from the point of submission, in line with standard marking targets at the University.

In some instances you may find that you’ve actually marked all of the submissions to an assignment within a much shorter period, and as such you do not wish to make students wait for the original post date to pass before they are able to view their marks and feedback. In such situations you may wish to change the post date to a date and time nearer to the current date and time.

Important: If you wish to change the date and time of the post date to a nearer date and time please be aware that you should allow for 3 hours for marks and feedback to be transferred. For instance if you wish to change the post date to be the current date and time, you should add at least 3 hours on top of the current date and time to the post date you set.

As an example, if it is currently 10am and you want to change the post date from two weeks in the future to 10.05am today, you are instead advised to change the post date to 13.05 at the earliest. This is to allow the marks to be moved across during the three hour window you have set.

Doing this should ensure that marks do not temporarily disappear whilst they are moved across to the new date and time. Instructors should also avoid changing the post date once and then changing the post date again immediately after