Excluding Sources in a Turnitin Originality Report using Feedback Studio

How to exclude sources from a Turnitin Originality Report.

Access Control Panel

1. From your course’s Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and click on Turnitin Assignments.

Locate Turnitin Assignment

Locate TurnitinUK Assignment

2.  Click on the name of the Turnitin Assignment in which you want to exclude sources.

Locate Originality Report


3.  Click on the percentage score of the Originality Report in which you want to exclude sources.  In this example we are looking at a 98% match.

Click on Match Overview


4.  Click the ‘Match Overview’ button in the side panel.  This will give you a breakdown of the primary sources for the paper you are viewing.

Exclude Sources


5.  Click on the arrow to the right of the match you wish to exclude


6.  Click on the Exclude Sources button

Select Sources to Exclude


7.  Using the tick boxes to the left of each source, select the sources you wish to exclude.  Once you have selected the sources you wish to exclude, click the Exclude button.

Sources Excluded


8.  The Originality Report should automatically refresh and show you a new score, in this case 70% rather than 98%.