TurnitinUK for Tutors – External Guides

Whilst we do our best to create step-by-step guides to the most commonly used features within Turnitin, we do not have an exhaustive list of guides. If you’re looking for help on a particular feature but you can’t find it listed in our guides, then you may wish to check out some guides and help materials provided on other websites.


PeerMark is a feature within Turnitin which allows tutors to create and manage assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their fellow coursemates.

Information and guides on using PeerMark are available from the TurnItIn website.

There is also a similar guide for students.


GradeMark allows you to mark Turnitin submissions online or on an iPad (this requires the Turnitin app).  We are currently developing further guides on using GradeMark.  If the guide you are looking for is not listed above, you may wish to read some of the following external sites:

Information and guides on using GradeMark are available from the Turnitin website.

Listed below are other useful resources relating to plagiarism: