Turnitin Rendering Issue

There is currently a rendering issue within Turnitin which may result in certain elements of some submissions being incorrectly rendered in the Turnitin online viewer under certain circumstances.  This issue may affect submissions where tables / graphs / images have been embedded / inserted / pasted into a Word document or Open Office document which has then been submitted to Turnitin in the native format which it was created in (for instance .docx for Word documents).  We do not believe this to be widespread or to affect a large number of submissions.

This issue does not occur where the document was saved and submitted as a PDF file rather than in the original file format of the authoring software, or where the document does not contain tables / graphs.  The issue also does not affect the underlying file itself (which remains untouched).

Students are therefore advised to save and submit their final work as a PDF when submitting to Turnitin.  We would advise you to inform students of this when setting up assignments in Turnitin.

This advice is also presented to students on the Blackboard login page (as a system wide announcement), at the point of submission within Turnitin, and on the following webpages:

Turnitin for Students – http://elearn.southampton.ac.uk/blackboard/student/studentplagiarism/
How to submit – http://elearn.southampton.ac.uk/blackboard/student/submit_tii/
Turnitin for tutors – managing assignments – https://elearn.southampton.ac.uk/blackboard/esub/tii-ma/

If you are using Turnitin on your course, please make students aware that they are advised to save and submit their work in PDF format in order to minimise any chance of this rendering issue occurring.

Students who wish to review their submission and how it renders in the online viewer can do so by following the guide at https://elearn.southampton.ac.uk/blackboard/student/viewfeedback/

Turnitin have stated that this is not a widespread issue.