Customising your Blackboard Course Menu

The Blackboard course menu as seen by students maps to areas within the Control Panel.

When Blackboard courses are created they have a default menu layout. You may wish to change the menu items by changing the names of the menu items or by adding or removing items.

small_linkHow to change a Blackboard menu item – Use this guide to change the name of a menu item.

small_linkHow to add a Blackboard menu item – Use this guide to add a menu item to your Blackboard course menu.

small_penHow to change your Blackboard course’s ‘Entry Point’ – When a user enters a Blackboard course, the first page they see is the course’s “entry point”. By default this is set to be the announcements page. If you wish you may change your course’s entry point to be a different menu item within your course.

small_linkHow to move a Blackboard menu or content item – Blackboard menu items and content items can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping. This guide shows how this works, and also explains a more accessible method for those who would rather not drag and drop.

small_linkHow to delete or hide a Blackboard menu item – There may be a time where you wish to delete or hide an item from your Blackboard course menu. Be mindful that deleting a course menu item will delete any content that was held under that item. For example deleting the “course content” menu item will delete all content within the “course content” area. If you are unsure then follow the steps to hide the item from students instead.