Moving Blackboard Menu and Content Items

Blackboard menu items and content items can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping.

With Edit Mode turned on, a “drag and drop handle” appears beside any item that you can move when your mouse is hovered over that item.

Click and hold down your left mouse button on a drag and drop handle and move your mouse. The item selected will move with your mouse. A dotted outline shows where the item will land. Release your mouse button when to drop the item in the desired location.

This animation shows both content items and menu items being moved using the above method.

If you would prefer to use a method that does not involve dragging and dropping a more accessible method is available.

Click on the button that shows both upward and downward arrows.

You are presented a list of your content or menu items, select the one you wish to move and use the up and down buttons to move it into your preferred place, then click on Submit.