Online Training Course: Introduction to Blackboard

This is an online version of our tutor led “Introduction to Blackboard” course.  Each part of the course is broken down into modules below.  The course can be used by a complete beginner or as a revision aid for someone who has already attended the tutor led course:

  1. Part 1 – Log into Blackboard and access your course

    1. Accessing Blackboard
    2. Entering your course
  2. Part 2 – Add Simple Content

    1. Adding An Announcement
    2. Adding Staff Information
    3. Add Content
    4. Add a Picture
    5. Adding Folders
    6. Moving / Copying Material Within Your Course and Among Your Courses
  3. Part 3 – Manage the Course Menu

    1. Add / Change a Menu Item
    2. Change the look of your Menu and Course
  4. Part 4 – Making your Course Available to Students and Guests

    1. How to Make Your Course Available to Students
    2. About Guest Access
  5. Part 5 – Adding Users Manually and Changing their role

    1. Add a User to your Course
    2. Changing the Role of a User
  6. Part 6 – Tracking Student Usage

    1. Tracking Individual items
    2. Tracking use of your whole course
    3. Tracking student marks with the Grade Centre
  7. Part 7 – Embedding content

    1. Embedding YouTube videos
  8. Part 8 – Adjusting your course design

    1. Adding menu items
    2. Changing menu items
    3. Moving menu items
    4. Removing or hiding menu items
    5. Using Course Themes
    6. Changing your course menu design
    7. Changing the appearance of content areas
    8. Changing your course entry point