Set a Preferred Firstname for Blackboard :: iSolutions

Blackboard takes its account data from central University sources.

A number of users have noticed that Blackboard greets them by their First Name. Those who prefer not to be greeted by their First Name now have the opportunity to change this field.

We are now providing a service for staff to set a ‘preferred name’ value in Subscribe. Once this value is set, the following day Blackboard will use the preferred name, instead of the official First Name.

To set your preferred name follow these steps:

  1. Using your web browser, go to
  2. Click on Sign in to manage your existing account.
  3. Enter the requested details.
  4. Click on Managing Your Account.
  5. Put a dot inside the radio button for Add, Change or Delete University telephone directory entries (staff and research postgraduates only) and click on Next.
  6. Your telephony details will be shown. Click on the Change button.
  7. Scroll down to the Nick Name box and type in your preferred firstname. N.B. Be careful to only type in a preferred firstname and not your surname as well.
  8. Click on Next.
  9. Click on Quit to exit Subscribe.
  10. The next day Blackboard will update your record to show your preferred name as your firstname. This is how you will appear in the Gradebook, Course Catalog, and Discussion Board postings.

Please note that this service is for staff and research postgraduates only.