Blackboard Programme Courses

You can request a Blackboard Programme Course to hold programme level information and communication. Students can be auto-enrolled and the course will appear under a separate heading on the Blackboard Home page. A Programme Course does not hold any assessment data.

How are students enrolled on a Programme Course? 

  • Staff and students can be auto-enrolled onto Programme Courses via their Banner,  programme codes. When you request the course*, include the programme codes, and years, that will be associated with the Programme Course, and we will set up auto-enrolment. The enrolment feed will be updated daily to match programme enrolments in Banner.  
  • Course set-up and enrolments will suit your programme delivery and your definition of a “Programme”. In some areas, one course can be set up for all students in a department, or you could have separate courses for particular groups of programmes, year groups etc.  
  • The course name and ID will not contain a year – the course will not need to roll over each year. New students will be enrolled on the course via the enrolment feed from Banner & old enrolments will be dropped.

What is a Programme Course for? 

  • A Programme course helps to give your programme an identity and sense of community. 
  • Course Announcements & emails can be used for communication with the programme cohort. 
  • Use Blackboard collaboration tools such as discussion boards and Collaborate – MS Teams integration will soon be available in Blackboard.
  • The course can be a place to gather the information that is otherwise repeated in module courses, on Faculty Hubs (programme specific), delivered via other arbitrary courses, or sent via email attachments.  
  • Some suggested content areas could include: 
    • Induction 
    • Academic Integrity 
    • Paperwork & regulations 
    • Programme specification 
    • Module outlines  
    • Careers/employability 
    • Staff Information 
    • Links to related societies and student reps 
    • Assessment information 
    • Sources of help and support 
    • Study skills
    • Events 
    • Key dates 
  • A Programme course should not include assessment. If you want to merge separate Banner module courses into a single Blackboard teaching course, please see this guide.  

How will a Programme Course appear on the Blackboard Home page? 

  • The course will appear under a separate heading “Programme Information” on the Blackboard Home page.
  • Course ID will start with PROG-. 
  • You can define the course name to suit the programme.
  • If you are in the All Courses view, Programme Courses are listed under the Term – Programme Information. To group your Courses list by Term see this guide.

We already have an arbitrary course for programme information – can we set up an auto-enrolment & Home Page listing? 

Many areas already have a successful Programme course. 

  • Sent a request (see below) with the existing course ID and name and we can auto-enrol your students and list the course to the Home Page under “Programme Information”.  

*How do I request a Programme course? 

  • Open a ServiceLine ticket with the description – Blackboard Programme Course request. 


    • Course Name. 
    • Suggested course ID . 
    • School or department. 
    • 1 member of staff to be added as an instructor. 
    • Related programme codes for enrolment – with year groups if required. 
    • Let us know if you would like to speak to a member of Education Application Support for advice. 

Programme course – design guides

Course Banner

The programme course template comes with a course banner. If you want to change or edit the banner, you can download this template (includes instructions on saving and uploading a new course banner image). Programme course – banner template