Blackboard Rollover

Rollover 2020/21

With the end of the academic year 2019/20 comes the time to set up new Blackboard courses for 2020/21 . New courses are required so that as the next academic year begins you will have a fresh Blackboard course with the same material (if you wish) but no students, thus allowing a new cohort to use the course, unaffected by previous students.

New Regular (Banner) Courses

New courses for 2020/21 have been created automatically. Members of staff who are listed in Banner as teaching a course will automatically be given instructor rights to these courses. Please rollover your course materials according to our web-based rollover guide.

If You Cannot See Your New Regular (Banner) Course

If you log into Blackboard and find that your Banner course for 2020/21 is not listed please contact the Curriculum and Timetabling Team ( / x23506) and ask that they update Banner with the corrected information. You will need to provide your staff ID number. Once the changes have been actioned in Banner Blackboard will be updated within 24 hours.

Rolling Over Course Material

Once you have made sure that your new course is ready the instructor responsible for the Blackboard course should copy any required materials en masse to the new course by following the instructions on our webpages.

You may then wish to make your old course unavailable, or leave it available to students for revision purposes

Non-Banner, “Arbitrary” Courses

You may also have a course which is not in Banner, these are termed “arbitrary” courses. Such courses are used to cover course administration, sub-modules, whole programmes, projects and so on. If you have one of these courses you may request a new one be created for 2020/21 by our web based form.

You will receive an email once the course has been created for you. You may then copy course materials over en masse using the instructions provided.

Rollover in three steps

  1. Check that your new courses are ready on Blackboard. See the section above to find out how to remedy any omissions.
  2. Complete our web based form for any “arbitrary” courses.
  3. Rollover material according to the guide.