Rolling over your material to your new course

When you first access your course for academic year 2020/21 (20-21) the new course will be completely empty. If you wish to copy your course material over from your old course for use in this new course follow these instructions.

Identifying your new course

Your previous year’s courses have not been changed. When you log into Blackboard you should see your previous year’s courses and your new courses for this academic year. If you cannot see them see the section below. New courses have been prefixed with 20-21 to the course title so that you may quickly identify your new course. You can find out more about the naming conventions for courses at Blackboard Naming Conventions.

The screen shot above shows how to identify courses for the next academic year.

New courses will be completely empty. The next step is to transfer your course material to the new course. This involves using the Course Copy feature to copy your material en masse to your new course. The following step by step guide will take you through this.

If you cannot see a course for next year

If you cannot see a course for next year

Blackboard takes its instructor information from the Banner student record system. Any member of staff listed as an instructor for a course in Banner will automatically be made an instructor on the Blackboard version of the course. This information is provided by faculties themselves.

If you log into Blackboard and find that your Banner course for 2020/21 is not listed then this will be because your faculty admin team does not think you are teaching the course and therefore has not listed you in Banner as teaching it.

Other elearning services such as E-folio and Eassignment use this information which is why it is important that the faculty keeps this information up to date in a single source, namely Banner, so that a single source of authoritative data keeps all elearning systems up to date.

To arrange for this to be changed please either contact your Faculty Office registry team, or contact the Curriculum and Timetabling Team within Student Services direct ( / x23506) and ask that they update Banner so that you are listed as an instructor of this course. You will need to provide your staff ID number. Once the changes have been actioned in Banner Blackboard will be updated within 24 hours. Changes will also be made in efolio, Perception, and e-assignment, as well as any other system that uses this information.

If the course in question is an Arbitrary Course and so not in Banner and you require a new version for the new academic year please complete the online Arbitrary Request Form to request it.

Enter Source Course

1. Log into Blackboard and enter your original (source) Blackboard course from which you wish to rollover material into the new empty course. In most cases the source course will be the 18-19 version of the course.

Course Copy

2. From the Control Panel expand the Packages and Utilities section and click on Course Copy.

When arriving at the Course Copy page you are presented with a summary of what to do and given the opportunity to pre-select the recommended options that we list below.  If you wish simply to copy over last year’s materials to your new course click Set University recommended options

Select Course

Select Course

3. Check that Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course is selected.

4. Next we choose into which course we will copy the content. This is what we call the destination course. Click on the Browse button.

Choose destination course

5. A new window will appear showing all the courses for which you are an instructor. Select the course into which you wish to copy material by clicking on the radio button beside the relevant course. It’s easy to identify new courses for the new academic year because they show 20-21 in their details and have a recent creation date.
If there are too many courses to find the destination course you want to select then use the search box. If you still can’t find the destination course then double check that you actually have access to it. Refer to the section above “If you cannot see a course for next year”.

6. Having selected the destination course, click on Submit.


7. In the next part we need to choose what parts of our course we should copy over into the destination course. In the screenshot below is our generally recommended selection. We would usually recommend copying over the static material and settings, whilst avoiding copying any potentially anachronistic information. A full description of the different tick boxes is at the end of this guide.

Do not select Enrolments

8. To ensure all of your course files area is copied over select the option Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder).

9. Do not tick Enrolments as this will copy all of your students on your old course to your new course.

10. Click on Submit.

Follow up

Follow up

11. You will receive a screen telling you that your request has been queued and that you will receive an email telling you when this has been done.

12. The process may take some time but should not take longer than 20 minutes during normal times.

13. Check your new course and make sure that the content has copied over correctly. If you find any anomalies please contact ServiceLine stating the course concerned, the source course and a full description of the problem. Note that some content items in your new course may need to be reorganised into the correct order.

14. If you changed your source course’s course menu at any time you may find that some of your menu items have been duplicated and have no content, remove these by editing the course menu, while being careful to only remove duplicated menu items with no content. You can work this out by noting the order in the menu in which the empty areas occur.

15. When you are satisfied that your course has been ‘rolled over’, and are ready for your next cohort of students to enrol, set the enrolment options and make the course available.

16. You may wish to add colleagues to your course as instructors.

17. If you would like your old course to still be available to your old students for revision purposes then leave it set to available. If you wish to close access to the course make it unavailable.

18. You may find that with your new courses, the My Courses box on the My University of Southampton page becomes unwieldy, instructions on how to edit this list so that only relevant courses appear are available online.

19. Add any additional content and make changes as you wish. When you are ready for students to use the course make the course available.

An explanation of the options for copying your material

Content Areas
Selecting this option will copy your existing course content into your new course. You may also choose which particular content areas to copy if you do not wish to copy all of them across. Note that clicking on Content will select all of the content related options below it at once. We recommend that you select this option.

Adaptive Release rules for content
If you have set up any Adaptive Release rules for content, you may copy these across to your new course.

Selecting this option will copy all the announcements over from your previous course to your new course. These are likely to be no longer relevant so your probably would not want to copy them over.

Selecting this option will copy over blog settings. We do not recommend using this option since most likely this information is relevant only to the previous academic year. Set up new blogs on your new course instead.

Selecting this option will copy over to your new course any Calendar data you had entered into your old course. We do not recommend using this option since most likely this information is relevant only to the previous academic year.

Collaboration Sessions
This will copy across any chatroom sessions you have created. If you are using these features we recommend selecting this option.

Selecting this option will copy across the staff profiles from the Staff Information / Contacts area of your old course into your new course.

Discussion Board
Selecting this option will copy your forums and the initial message in the forum. We recommend instead that on your new course, create new forums as required.

Select this option to copy the course glossary if you have used it.

Grade Centre Columns and Settings
Selecting this option will copy over your Grade Centre columns and settings. If you use tests and surveys make sure to tick this option as it affects the deployment of your tests.

Group Settings
Selecting this option will copy over your Group settings. If you used groups in the course and want to use them again, we recommend you select this option. You would probably want to adjust the groups to suit your new cohort so it might be preferable to create them from scratch on your new course.


Selecting this option will copy over journal settings. We do not recommend using this option since most likely this information is relevant only to the previous academic year. Set up new journals on your new course instead.

Retention Centre Rules

Selecting this option will copy over Retention Centre Rules. Only use this option if you have set up rules that you wish to use again. If you do use this option make sure to check the rules following the course copy to make sure that any date settings are updated for the new academic year and that the rules still work with your new course.

If you have set up rubrics and wish to copy them into a new course then select this option.

Selecting this option will copy across the settings from your old course to your new course. This includes menu options, default entry point, and course classification.

Of the sub options available we recommend choosing Banner Image, Language Pack, and Navigation Settings. The other options should only be selected if you are sure. In particular we would usually only recommend ticking Availability if you are confident that students should see the course immediately. Otherwise make the course available only when you are ready for student to view it.

Selecting this option will copy any tasks you have set in the source course to your previous course. The tasks will need to have their dates changed, therefore using this option is only recommended if you have used tasks and are aware that you will need to change the dates for those tasks on the target course.

Tests, Surveys, and Pools
Selecting this option will copy over all tests, surveys and question pools from your previous course to your new course. We recommend that you set this option.

Selecting this option will copy your wikis. We do not recommend using this option since most likely this information is relevant only to the previous academic year. Set up new wikis on your new course instead.

Do you use TurnItIn?


19. If you use TurnItIn assignments be aware that if you copy over your assignments from last year they will need to be updated to have the due dates for the new academic year. Sometimes TurnItIn assignments that have been copied over from last year will present an error message stating, “Database error verifying assignment“. In such cases please delete the assignment and recreate it in the usual way.

Do you use Panopto Lecture Capture?

Do you use Panopto Lecture Capture?

20. If you used Panopto with your course last year you probably added a menu item that would take students to your list of Panopto videos. A “Recorded Sessions” link is now added by default to ease this process. You may find if you used a different name for this menu item last year that you now have two. It is safe to remove the menu item not called “Recorded Sessions”. Removing a menu item is described on our web site.

21. If you wish to use videos you recorded last year you will need to do one of three actions to make those videos visible to this year’s cohort. This is described at the Panopto FAQ.