Blackboard Rollover

With the end of the academic year 2019/20 comes the time to set up new Blackboard courses for 2019/20. New courses are required so that as the next academic year begins you will have a fresh Blackboard course with the same material (if you wish) but no students, thus allowing a new cohort to use the course, unaffected by previous students.

Use the web pages listed below to find out more about the rollover process and what you need to do in order to get your course ready for the next academic year.

small icon iconBlackboard Rollover 2019/20

Read this page for an introduction to the rollover process. If you cannot find your course for the new academic year guidance is also available here.

small icon iconRequest a new “Arbitrary Course” for 2019/20

Use this online form if you require a new arbitrary course for the new academic year.

small icon iconHow to Rollover your Course Material to your new course.

Use this guide to rollover your course material to your new 2019/20 Blackboard course.

small icon iconHow to tidy your My Courses list

You may wish to to remove old courses from the My Courses box so that only your current courses appear. Use this guide to find out how.