Blackboard Guest Access

Your Blackboard course can be opened up so that people who do not have University accounts (“guests”) may access it.   You may restrict to which areas of the course menu Guests have access. Guests cannot interact with your Blackboard course, for example in terms of completing a survey, test or viewing the discussion board. This is a design feature to prevent abuse of student confidentiality. Integrations with other services such as Turnitin and Panopto (Recorded Sessions/Lectures etc) cannot be used by guests.

If you require access to your course for specific external users, for example colleagues at another institution, you should request visitor access for them. For more information see access for users without an iSolutions account.

Enable Guest Access

1. First we must enable Guest Access to the course.

2. From the Control Panel expand the Customisation area and click on Guest and Observer Access.

Allow Guests

3. Set Allow Guests to Yes and click on Submit.

4. Next we must determine which menu items guests may access.

5. Click on the modify button beside each item to which you wish to give guest access and choose Permit Guests.

Optional step

6. Here follows an optional step. This relates to how guests will access your course. If you wish to make your course more prominent to guests you can make it appear within the “My Courses” box that people who click on “Click Here for Guest Access” see when the log into Blackboard.

If you do not want your course to be so easily accessed then you do not need to follow the next steps and can refer to the related guide “how do guests access my course?”. You should follow this and try to access your course as a Guest to check that you have everything set up how you want it.

Add the “Guest” user

7. To make you course appear in the Guest’s list of courses you must add the Guest user to your course.

8. From your course Control Panel, expand Users and Groups and click on Users.

Find Users

9. Click on Find Users to Enrol.


10. In the username box type guest.

11. Select Guest from the dropdown role menu.

12. Click on Submit.

13. Now your course will appear in the Guest user’s “My courses” list.