Add a SlideShare Presentation to your Blackboard Course

It is possible to add a SlideShare ‘mashup’ to your Blackboard course.  Note that this feature may stop working if SlideShare change the way their content works.  SlideShare is a third party web site and iSolutions cannot be held responsible for the content held on it.  Users should read the SlideShare terms and conditions.

Edit Mode

Edit Mode

1. Check that Edit Mode is turned ON.  This can be switched by clicking ON or OFF.

Choose a Content Area

Choose a Content Area

2. Choose the Content Area to which you wish to add your SlideShare presentation.  All the content areas work in the same way, if you have renamed or added content areas to your Blackboard course the screenshot above may vary from what you see.

Add SlideShare Mashup


3.  Hover your mouse over Build Content and then click on SlideShare Presentation.

Enter Search Criteria


4. Enter your search term and click on Go.

Search Results


5. You should see a list of search results.  Underneath the thumbnail of each SlideShare presentation there is a Preview button and a Select button.  If you wish to see a larger preview of a presentation, click on Preview.  Otherwise click on Select.

Add Description

6. You may choose to change the display name for the presentation as it will appear in your course.  You can also choose the colour of the name, and add a description of the presentation if you wish.

Further Options

7. Choose your preferred view for the SlideShare presentation when it appears in your course. You can choose to display a Thumbnail of the presentation (which can be clicked on to view the presentation), a Text Link with Player (which provides a text link which can be clicked on to play the presentation), or you can Embed the presentation within the page. You can always choose to preview each of these settings by clicking on Preview at the top or bottom of the page.

8. Choose whether you want to show the SlideShare URL of the presentation you are sharing, and also whether you wish to show the SlideShare Information for the presentation (as entered by the SlideShare presentation owner)

9. If you want to you can attach a file to this content as well (for instance if you have a word document which accompanies the SlideShare presentation). You can add a file from your computer by clicking on Browse My Computer. This is optional.

10. Set the following options according to your preferences:

Permit Users to View this Content
Do you want students to be able to access this content? Selecting No would prevent your students from viewing it, but you would still be able to view it while Edit Mode is ON. The date restrictions option below is a more powerful way of doing a similar action. The default for this option is Yes.

Track number of views
Select Yes to indicate that the system is to track the number of times a user accesses this item. Select No to indicate that the number of times this page is accessed will not be tracked. Only use this option when you particularly require tracking information. A general report on Course Statistics provides tracking information for the whole course and is available from the Control Panel.

Select Date and Time Restrictions
If you wish you may restrict when this content will appear. Tick the boxes and determine times and dates as appropriate. Ticking Display After will mean that the content will appear from the time and date that you select. Ticking Display Until will mean that the content will no longer appear (disappear) after the date and time selected has passed. This only affects the way the material appears to students. As a course instructor you can change this setting at any time and the content will always be available to you.



11. Click on Submit.  You can preview how your SlideShare mashup will look by clicking on Preview.