Downloading Recorded Lectures from Blackboard to your Computer

You may wish to download recorded sessions to your computer so that you may watch them without requiring access to the Internet.  To do so follow this guide.  We recommend using Mozilla Firefox to do this as it has native RSS capabilities giving you the best and easiest results. You may also be able to do this with other web browsers such as Google Chrome, however, you will need to find and install a 3rd party RSS feed reader in order to achieve the same results as FireFox.

If you do not have Firefox on your computer you can download it from

This guide will work only on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh computers.

Use Firefox

Use Firefox

1. Use Mozilla Firefox to do this since its RSS capabilities give the best and easiest results.  If you do not have Firefox on your computer you can download it from   Staff can install Firefox on their UDE computers by following this guide.

Access course

2. Using Firefox, log into Blackboard and enter your course. Click on the recorded lectures/sessions (name is chosen by course instructor) menu item, or click on the Tools menu and choose Panopto Focus Content.

3. You will be presented with a list of recorded sessions such as the one shown here.


4. Identify the line that reads “Video Podcast (RSS)” and click on the letters RSS.  Do not click on the words Video Podcast, only on the letters RSS.

List of recordings

List of recordings

5. A new tab will open showing all the recordings.

Save Link As…

Save Link As...

6. Choose the recording you wish to download and right click on the link to it with the box labelled Media files. Choose Save Link As… from the context menu that appears. You can then select where you wish to save the file on your computer.

7. To download all the videos in one hit, install the Firefox Add On “DownThemAll” this allows you to download all downloadable files on a page with 3 clicks.