How to self enrol onto a Blackboard course

A course instructor can set up a Blackboard course to allow students to enrol themselves onto the course.

Follow these steps if you are given a link to a course and asked to self enrol :

  • If you are not already logged into Blackboard, you will be prompted to log in with your University password.

Select Enrol from the left hand menu

  • Select +Enrol from the left-hand menu



  • You may be asked to enter an access code – this will be given to you by the course instructor if needed.
  • Select Submit.

Select OK

  • Select OK.

Search for a course in Blackboard and self enrol.

If you are given the name of the course, you can search for it in Blackboard and enrol.


  •  From the Blackboard Home Page, select the link to  Courses tab at the top of the page

Course Search Box

  •  Type the Course Name into the Course Search box and select Go.

Enrol button


  •  Select on the downward pointing arrow next to the course ID.
  • Select enrol.
  • You will now be enrolled on the course and the course will appear in your My Courses list. You will not have to complete the self-enrol process again.