How to Submit a Blackboard Assignment (For Students)

When using e-submission tools be aware of any Known Issues via our E-Submission – Known Issues and Practical Considerations page

It is possible to submit an assignment electronically through Blackboard. You may find that your course instructor has set up a Blackboard assignment, which they expect you to complete. The instructions below explain how to submit an assignment through Blackboard.

Note that if you are uploading an assignment from home your internet connection may not be fast enough to upload a particularly large file (over 30MB) before the upload process times out.  Therefore we recommend that if you wish to submit a file of over 30MB in size that you do so from a public workstation on campus or by using the SVE.

Some users of the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 have experienced difficulties submitting assignments using Edge. Submissions can result in a zero kilobyte file. Therefore we do not recommend using Edge when submitting assignments, try Chrome or Firefox instead.

Creating your Assignment

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Locate the Assignment

Locate the Assignment

1. Locate the assignment within your Blackboard course. The screenshot above uses an example assignment.

2. To view further details or submit an assignment click on the name of the assignment.

If you have a group assignment to submit, the submission process is the same as for an individual submission, but only ONE member of your group needs to submit. Be sure to liaise with all members of your group so that you know who will be responsible for submitting the work.

Assignment Information

Assignment Information

3. The Upload Assignment page will appear. This is broken down into different sections.

You will see some information about the assignment, such as the due date and any instructions given by the tutor.

4. You will also see a write submission button. This would open a text box into which you could write your submission. Most of the time you would be uploading a file however, so move onto the next step.

Upload Assignment

Upload Assignment

5. Further down the page you can click on Browse My Computer to choose a document to upload. Locate the file you wish to upload and click on Open.

Please make sure that you do not have any spaces or special characters (e.g. !”£$%^&*()#’@[]{};:’|/,<>) in the filename.

6. If you wish to add further files, click on Browse My Computer again and repeat the above step.

There is also an area to add any comments regarding your submission.

Submit or Save?

Submit or Save?

7. To Submit your assignment click on SubmitBe careful not to double click on the Submit button.

Make sure to click on Submit once only, and then wait until the transfer finishes. Do not double click on Submit, do not click the back button during the transfer, do not click on submit again even if you think it is taking too long. Failure to follow this guidance will lead to your assignment being corrupted.

Bear in mind that if you are submitting an assignment from home that the speed at which you can upload a file is much slower than on campus.

Important note about the Save as Draft button
The Save as draft option will save the assignment but WILL NOT submit the assignment to the course instructor – instead it allows a copy of the work to be saved in Blackboard, which may then be downloaded and worked on by the student at another time or location. If you wish to submit the assignment make sure to click on Submit.


Assignment Receipt

At the top of the screen you will see a receipt.  Copy and paste the receipt code, paste it into a document and save it somewhere safe.  This receipt can be used to prove that you submitted your assignment.


8. A preview of the your assignment is shown.

Check that the online preview you see matches the content of your file. Pay particular attention to how any formulas, diacritics or special characters display. If you observe any difference take a screenshot of the online preview and your file side by side and contact ServiceLine.
Check that your assignment has uploaded correctly. Download the file and check that you can open it and that it matches your original file.

If you observe that your file has not uploaded correctly contact ServiceLine immediately.

Note: If multiple attempts are allowed a “start over” button will let you submit a replacement file.



9. Note that if a Rubric will be used to mark your assignment you may view it by clicking on the icon shown above.

Example Rubric

Example Rubric

10. This is an example Rubric. With a Rubric your assessment is marked according to each criteria row and to what extent it fulfils each criteria. The maximum number of marks should be the total number of possible marks shown on the rubric. In the above case that would be five rows by the highest point per row, making ten possible marks.

The instructor has the option to adjust the marks after the rubric has been used.

You may or may not be shown what rubric criteria you attained when viewing your score. This is at the discretion of the instructor.