Tracking Usage of Your Blackboard Course

It is possible to track how students are using your Blackboard course.  Individual items can be tracked when this option has been enabled, and course wide statistics are also available.  A number of other features provide insights into student performance on your Blackboard course.

Note that in order to preserve system performance reporting data is only available for 180 days worth of usage.

Use the guides below to find out more.

small icon iconHow to Track Usage of Individual Content Items

Use this guide to find out how to track usage of individual items of content you have added to your Blackboard course that have tracking enabled.

small icon iconHow to Access Course-Wide Statistics

Use this guide to find out how to access course wide statistics covering usage of your course as a whole.

small icon iconPerformance Dashboard

The performance dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of student progress through your Blackboard course.

small icon iconRetention Centre

Blackboard’s Retention Centre alerts you to students who meet rules that may indicate their educational experience is at risk on each of your courses. Each course is set up with some predetermined rules and you may add your own.

small icon iconGrade Centre

The Blackboard Grade Centre provides an area within your Blackboard course to store results data. Student scores from Blackboard tests and surveys are stored in the grade centre automatically. You may also manually add scores and information that are not automatically added by Blackboard.