Embed a YouTube video to your Blackboard course.

This guide shows how to get an embed code from YouTube to use in your Blackboard course. YouTube is a third party web site and iSolutions cannot be held responsible for the content held on it.  Users should read the YouTube terms and conditions.

Copy the video embed code from YouTube

From YouTube, select Share


  • Go to the video in YouTube.
  • Select the Share option.

  • Select Embed.

Copy code from embed screen

  • Select Copy from the embed code screen

In Blackboard, add a content item

Control Panel

  • Check that Edit Mode is turned ON. This can be switched by clicking ON or OFF.

Choose a Content Area

  • Choose the Content Area to which you wish to add your YouTube link. All the content areas work in the same way, if you have renamed or added content areas to your Blackboard course the screenshot above may vary from what you see.

Add Item

  • Hover your mouse pointer over Build Content and then click on Add Item.

Insert embed code into Content item

Select source code icon

  • Enter a Name for your item.
  • Select the Add source code icon <> from the content editor menu.

Paste embed code into source code editor and Save

  • Paste the YouTube embed code into the source code editor and Save.


  • The YouTube video will now appear in your Blackboard course.