Blackboard Collaborate Lesson Recipes

These ‘Lesson Recipes’ aims to help you facilitate learning activities with your students. They are based on staff experiences and pedagogic good practice.

Each lesson recipe provides you with…

  • the process from scheduling the event > leading the activity > closing the activity.
  • links to additional guidance if you are not sure how to do something in Collaborate.
  • tips for dealing with unexpected issues and for getting more boom for your buck when using the activity.

The lesson recipes have been grouped according to how fluent students need to be with Collaborate and/or with other technologies such as working collaboratively with a shared PowerPoint.

New to Collaborate

How to include an external speaker/presenter in a session

Familiar with the basics

How to lead a Think-Pair-Share session using break out rooms

How to scaffold a discussion using a series of short videos by sharing your screen and posting the link to the video in the chat

More digitally proficient

How to organise an activity where different groups have different tasks/texts

How to set up a ‘gallery walk’ where groups share and collect ideas to help develop a final draft of work

How to use customisable backgrounds for simulations/role play activities


If you are member of the University and you have a lesson recipe to share or you would like a solution that involves Collaborate, please contact the Digital Learning Team.

This initiative is part of the University’s EASD 20/21 project.