Customising the "My University of Southampton" screen

My University of SouthamptonThe My University of Southampton tab is opened by default when you log into Blackboard. The page displays a list of the Blackboard courses you have access to, as well as announcements for those courses.

It is possible to customise the My Courses and My Announcements boxes to suit your requirements. Use the guides below to customise your My University of Southampton screen in Blackboard.

small_bookHow to Customise ‘My Courses’ – It is possible to control which courses are shown in your My Courses box in the My University of Southampton page. A number of other options are customisable including the option to display the course id (unit code) and whether announcements for each course should be shown.

small_emailHow to Customise ‘My Announcements’ – It is possible to control which announcements are shown within the My Announcements box.