Dialing into a Blackboard Collaborate Session using a phone line

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If you use a phone line to join a Collaborate session you will be charged at your network rate.

Session Telephony

Session Telephony, if enabled for the session, allows users to elect to use their phone for audio instead of using the built-in voice over IP. There is more than one way to call into a Collaborate session.

From within the session

Once you have logged into a Collaborate session, open the Session menu or the Audio and Video Settings and select Use your phone for audio. A number and temporary personal identification number (PIN) will be provided for you to dial into the session. The number and personal PIN should not be shared with another person since the PIN identifies you in the session. A PIN will stop working once the session ends.

Step by step from the session menu:

  1. Open the session menu

2. Choose Use Your Phone for Audio.

3. Dial the number shown and when asked to enter the pin use the number shown on screen and press the # key.

When using telephony while in a session, users can still control their audio transmission through the interaction bar within the Collaborate interface. The microphone indicator for telephony users is replaced by a phone icon. Select the indicator to mute or transmit telephony audio. When transmitting, the Telephony Indicator will fill, to indicate live broadcast activity. By default, telephony audio is not muted when the session is connected. A user can also select *6 on their device keypad to mute and un-mute the phone.

Anonymous dial-in

Once a session is created, it will be associated with Anonymous dial-in information and be displayed by clicking a session within the session list. Those with access to the session list can simply click the Dial In button to connect to the session anonymously.

The Anonymous dial-in information can also be shared with attendees who don’t have access to the session list and who are not able to join the session. Using this method will create an anonymous caller attendee identified in the Attendees list as Caller instead of their name.

Anonymous dial-in is more suitable for users who wish to participate in a collaborate session who do not have access to the internet where they are.

If you are not in the United Kingdom

If you are not in the UK there may be a dial in number in your territory.  Check the Blackboard web page for a list of alternative telephone numbers in different countries.

If you use a phone line to join a Collaborate session you will be charged at your network rate.