Engaging with Participants (students) on Blackboard Collaborate

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Blackboard Collaborate has a 250 attendee limit. If you wish to use Blackboard Collaborate with more than 250 attendees view our guide.


There are lots of ways to engage with your audience in Blackboard Collaborate. This section provides an overview of these features and further links to using them in your Collaborate sessions.


One of the most seemingly basic yet useful tool to engage with your audience is to use the chat function. It is generally recommend that you have your audience muted while presenting, so the chat box is a great way to get feedback and communicate with them.

Managing Chat

Raise Hand

Another way your audience can interact with you is by using the raise hand option, once flagged you will get a notification next to the persons name who wishes to get your attention. You can then flower the hand to signify you have acknowledged them.

Manging raised hands


You may wish to do some Q & A or gather opinions from your audience, this can be done on the fly with ‘Polls’.

Managing Polls


It is possible to set up an interactive whiteboard with your audience where they all draw or add comments together.

Interactive Whiteboard

Screen sharing

You may also wish to do some live demos or show a PowerPoint presentation to your audience, this can be done by sharing your screen.

Share screen