How to include an external speaker/presenter in a session

Do you want to involve an external speaker such as a expert from industry or a lecturer from another university in an online session?

Use this lesson recipe to bring in a guest speaker/presenter.

Visit the hyperlinks in the recipe for specific guidance.

Before the session

  1. Schedule the meeting and set Early Entry to at least 30 minutes. Pro Tip: You can increase/decrease how early participants can enter the room (default is 15 minutes; max is 60 minutes).
  2. Get the link for guest access. Pro Tip: the default role is participant and for security purposes, you might want to keep it set to ‘participant’ and then change your guest’s role once they have joined the session.
  3. Send the link to the external speaker e.g. by pasting and sending the link in an email. Word of Caution: the link will be accessible to anyone who has it. Remind your guest speaker NOT to share it with anyone else. Do NOT give the link to your students – students will be able to join through the Blackboard module.
  4. Ask your speaker to come 15 – 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled start to change your speaker’s role from ‘participant’ to ‘presenter’ (it doesn’t take this long but if it is your speaker’s first time using Collaborate then there is room for a little practice).
  5. If necessary, give your students the session name and time, so that they can access it in the appropriate Blackboard module.

15 – 30 minutes before the scheduled start

  1. Join the session.
  2. Change your speaker’s role to presenter when they have joined the meeting. Pro tip: Moderator role will give your guest ability to start a poll or run break out rooms. Choose ‘moderator’ if your guest will need to do these things.
  3. Prepare to share presentation material e.g. PowerPoint, as needed.

During the session

  1. Introduce your guest speaker.
  2. Explain to your students how you want them to ask questions e.g. post into the chat, raise hands, or wait until end of the session.
  3. Monitor the chat for questions, if necessary.

At the end of the session

  1. Draw the session to a close.
  2. Thank the presenter.
  3. Tell students they can stay in the meeting if they wish. You don’t need to be present for the meeting to continue and by leaving the meeting open you provide additional opportunities to for students to interact.
  4. Exit the session.

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