Roles, permissions, and external guests

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Blackboard Collaborate has a 250 attendee limit. If you wish to use Blackboard Collaborate with more than 250 attendees view our guide.

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Managing attendees

Moderator q+a

How to promote participants to presenters

Manage raised hands

What can each role do?

Invite guests

Mute attendees

Remote attendees


Muting Attendees

Moderators can mute individual attendees or everyone in a session.

Mute Individual Attendees

From the Attendee panel, select the Attendee controls of someone with their microphone on that you wish to turn off. Select Mute from the list of controls. This will turn off the attendee’s microphone but will not prevent the user from turning it back on. The attendee will be notified with a pop-up message, “The moderator muted your audio.”

Mute All Attendees

Select More options at the top of the Attendee panel. Select Mute All. Attendees will be notified that the moderator has muted their microphone; however this is not a permanent action. All attendees have the ability to turn their microphone back on. The only way to ultimately control attendees from using their audio is to remove the permission to use audio in the Session Settings.