How Student Blackboard Groups within your course can use Collaborate

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Blackboard Collaborate has a 250 attendee limit. If you wish to use Blackboard Collaborate with more than 250 attendees view our guide.

When you set up groups in your Blackboard course, you may provide each group with their own Blackboard Collaborate area.  There is a corresponding guide for students on using Collaborate within their group areas.

Be aware that:

  • Only members of the group can access their Collaborate room.  You can access it by adding yourself to the group.
  • Groups have only one Collaborate Group room, they cannot create additional sessions.
  • A group cannot use Guest Links to invite others to join them in their room.
  • All group members would have the presenter role.  Roles cannot be changed.
  • Collaborate Group rooms cannot use Polls or breakout areas.

To set up a new group you have not made before to have a Collaborate room.

When you create a brand new group, you will have an option to enable Collaborate for them under the Tool Availability section.

You may choose whether to allow them to record their sessions.

To set up an already existing group to have a Collaborate room.

1. Access the groups area from the Control Panel.

2. Identify the group in question, select the action button beside it and choose Edit Group.

3. Scroll down to Tool Availability and select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

You may choose whether to allow them to record their sessions.

4. Select Submit to finish.

5. If you have further groups on the same course to which you wish to provide Collaborate, having done one using the method above you should be able to enable Collaborate for the other groups en masse by configuring Tool Availability using the method shown here.